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Who are we?

Buon Vino the Brand has evolved into THE NATURAL WINE COMPANY. We are importers, retailers, wholesalers and passionate lovers of high quality naturally produced wines from all over the world. We have a shop just outside Settle in the Yorkshire Dales and sell wines to restaurants across the Country. We are now in our 10th year of trading and have amassed a large and varied Portfolio of over 900 wines from artisan producers everywhere.

We want to enable easy access to our wines for restaurants everywhere. THE NEW TRADE WEBSITE is designed to do just that. Within 48 hours, you can access trade prices, build up your Portfolio of natural wines within your account and order directly on-line for speedy delivery.

Our Mission

We are searching for wines of purity, made using natural methods, organic and biodynamic farming and low intervention in the wine cellar. Our producers are farmers, artisans, passionate wine makers. We are a proudly independent, dynamic bunch of people who live for our product. Why? Because Buon Vino was born out of a passion for wine and a steadfast belief that quality counts. We are wine merchants but we are also ardent wine drinkers!

Rob, Dave, Karol-Ann, Matt, Spencer, Steve........our team

Why Natural?

We promote quality first. Natural production is the starting point for quality. But the term might have some wine lovers running for the hills. It is a term that courts controversy and its use is fraught with danger as there is no real definition. Some detractors would call natural wine, ‘weird, funky, unusual, or even just plain old acidic!’ These detractors have had their taste buds deadened by years of manufactured fruit juice made to a recipe on an industrial scale and sold by clever branding and marketing budgets. Or quite simply, they are drinking the wrong natural wines!

We welcome these detractors into our world, we hold open our arms, clutching our corkscrews and screaming, taste this wine, it lives, it breathes, it is real, it is from the earth, it is healthy, you want it, you need it!!!

We want customers to dare to try with an open mind, to embrace the authentic and to believe in a better bottle of wine, better for them and better for the world. This is the journey into natural wine.

First and foremost, we are aiming to find authentic, delicious wine that you want to drink. Ultimately natural production results in the best wine so the choice for us is simple.

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Natural wine sign at the new Buon Vino shop